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Let's do this together

Friends of Returning Citizens (FORC)

What we do….

We offer wrap-around care for the men and women returning from 20,30,40+ years of incarceration in the State of Michigan. It’s a fact that those individuals with little or no support in the free community, tend to return to prison. We offer a safe place at the Saint Elizabeth Community Center, that allows individuals to focus on personal growth as well as immediate needs. Our assistance includes such things as familiarization with computers and cell phones with a focus on resume writing, job searching and social networking. We also help them select a new wardrobe for their first time out of “prison blues”. We have contacts with housing referrals and assist with public transportation with a 31-day bus card for appointments, employment as well as our monthly support group for returning citizens.

How you can help us…

  • By a one time donation

    • By becoming a sustaining supporter with a donation each month

      • By joining us as a Companion in our work with prayer support

  • Or you can offer In-kind support with any of your skills

Stay connected with us online at

We are a non-profit organization and part of the DCPA

Checks may be written to the DCPA with (FORC) in the memo line

Our address is:

3127 East Canfield Street

Detroit, MI 48207-1508

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